He is Risen

From The Origin of Paul’s Religion by J.G. Machen: (my underlining)

How did this human Jesus ever come to give place to the superhuman Jesus of the New Testament? The transition evidently occurred at a very early time. It is complete in the Epistles of Paul. And within Paul’s experience it was certainly no late development; on the contrary it was evidently complete at the very beginning of his Christian life; the Jesus in whom he trusted at the time of his conversion was certainly the Heavenly Christ of the Epistles. But the conversion occurred only a very few years, at the most, after the crucifixion of Jesus…

What then was the true relation between Paul and Jesus? It has been shown that Paul regarded himself as a disciple of Jesus, that he was so regarded by those who had been Jesus’ friends, that he had abundant opportunity for acquainting himself with Jesus’ words and deeds, that he does refer to them occasionally, that he could have done so oftener if he had desired, that the imitation of Jesus found a place in his life, and that his likeness to Jesus extends even to those elements in Jesus’ life and teaching which are accepted by modern naturalistic criticism as authentic…

How did Paul get to know a person who had been crucified so well?

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